Teecycle It has your next favorite tee.

We’ve all fallen out of love before. Tees that were love at first sight, but somehow fell off the favorites list along the way. They’re still piled with our other shirts, but further down the stack. Truth is, there’s somebody else out there who would love that shirt like you did on day one. Teecycle It is run by tee lovers like you. The inventory is curated to make sure the shirts are interesting, good quality, and worth a spot in your collection. If you’re ever unsatisfied with a shirt you get from us, we’ll take it back, no questions asked. Well honestly, we might ask you if you want another tee, because hey, you probably will.

Tee love,

     The Teecycle It Team

Founded by a tee-obsessed collector

Peter has been a tee fan/collector/hoarder for pretty much all his life. He still has tees from his childhood stashed away in a closet because they're just too cool to get rid of. But like you, he had shirts sitting around that he thought other people would love as much as he used to, and Teecycle.it was born. email Peter

How we grade our tees

To grade quality, we use the same grading system as comic books:

NM - near mint
VF - very fine
F - fine
VG - very good
G - good
P - poor

Since we're selling a curated collection, you'll rarely if ever find a shirt below VF. We'll only make an exception if it's, well, exceptional. We also grade softness on a non-scientific but tee-expert scale:
- super soft
- soft
- pretty soft
- kind of soft
- at least it looks cool

If you ever have any questions about the condition of a shirt you have your eye on, please just ask.

The Teecycle It Promise

We know how important great tees are. And we want you to love any shirt you get from Teecycle It as much as any short you've ever owned. That's why we'll take back any tee you buy, no questions asked. (If there's a flaw we didn't spot, we'd love to know, but you don't have to say a word.) We'll just give you your money back. Simple. Like it should be in the world of tees.